Terms & Conditions

MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & Co, has created travelfind.gr website to offer advertising solutions to all its registered customers. Travelfind.gr is an online business guide. Every company and every professional can be registered from all Greek Prefectures. Everyone who wants to use the website should have to agree with terms & conditions. If a member or a visitor disagrees in any way with terms & conditions, it’s better to avoid access. The company has the right to modify any of terms & conditions without warning and publish it on the website.

The website is prohibited to minors. Adults are only allowed to visit and use it. If any minor visits the website or use its services, the company has no responsibility.


The cost, duration and form of registration are determined by the package chosen from each prospective advertiser and which is reflected in a special registration form (registration form - contract) that is sent to the contractor and who is presumed to have read and accepted the terms of agreement. After the payment of each member (advertiser) for the registration on travelfind.gr, the company is obliged to display and present the full details of the business or the professional always depending on the package he / she has chosen by issuing to him / her the unique management codes for the standalone and exclusive management of the display-registration. Upon completion of the advertiser’s posting process, the display will be more prominent in the case of search by visitors and will be able to process, update or even change from the same member in collaboration with MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO. The advertiser member may also include in his / her advertisements texts, photographs, videos and offers relating to his / her business, products and services that are promoted or specialized.

Finally, the registration of the parties will be valid for a certain period of time depending on the chosen promotion package and will cease only if the member itself requests in writing from MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO.


1. This website is the property of MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO. The service and the content (we can refer some of them, indicatively: data, databases, software, photos, videos, information, logos, distinctive marks) that appear on the website or are available to the website’s visitors are intended for strictly personal use only and they are they protected by copyright law and by the law about trademarks. The commercial use of this website is forbidden. Their appearance on the website does not mean that the user has the legal right (that is licensed) to use them or that the license to use them can be transferred to the user. Any copy, reproduction, presentation, adaptation, modification, publication and distribution of the service or/and the content, totally or partially, either the content belongs to the company or to a third party, is forbidden. It is also forbidden the modification and/or deletion of the copyrights, trademarks or photographs that appear on the website or on relevant maps. In particular, with regard to the photos and videos that are published by the advertisers and relating to their business, their products and services by accepting these terms of use and the terms as they appear in the registration agreement form, they declare that they constitute work of their own or that they have obtained the consent of their legal owner to post them on www.travelfind.gr and that copyrights have not been infringed on the photographs. The company is not in any way liable for any violation of rights to the above photos, which is solely taken by the user who posted the video or photo.

2. MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO in any way undertakes to provide the website travelfind.gr with all information regarding the registration / advertising of the members and which have been agreed and communicated in writing to the company.

3. The content and the service are provided “as is”. The company is not responsible for the availability, adequacy, validity and completeness of the information. The routing application from one address to another or to a point of interest is the result of an algorithm and may not be the shortest possible. The company is not responsible for users’ decisions based on information that is contained in this website or that is available through this website. Any user is responsible for the protection of his/her personal equipment and software against viruses.

4. The website travelfind.gr refers to "links", hyperlinks, or advertising banners on other websites, the providers of which also have full civil and criminal liability for the security, lawfulness and validity of the content of the web pages and their services, excluding MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO by any liability, as indicative of liability for intellectual and industrial property rights or any third party's rights. As a result, all members and visitors are required to comply with the terms of these websites’ use and to contact directly to their service providers for anything arising from their visit or/and use.

5. The company (either by its own or/and in cooperation with specialized third-party companies) collects information about the website traffic in order to count the visitors, to export statistics and to improve the website’s functionality, indicatively through the use of cookies. During any visit on the website, the pages that the user visits along with any cookies that may be contained in these pages ‘are downloaded’ on the user’s computer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer or the mobile phone when you visit this website. In this way, the website ‘remembers’ all of your actions and preferences (such as language, font size, and other display preferences) for a while, so you do not have to enter these preferences each time to visit the site or browse its pages. Some of our pages use cookies to:

  • store your preferences for finding immediately the website.
  • assess the effectiveness of various site features with the help of Google Analytics.

Users can check and/or delete cookies according to their wishes. They can delete all the cookies that are already on their computer, as well as set up most browsers in a way that do not allow cookies to be installed. However, in this case, it may need to customize certain preferences each time they visit a website, and some services may also not work.

6. The company has the right to modify or supplement the service, as well as the present terms of use of the website. Any modification will be announced on www.travelfind.gr


1. The user is responsible for accessing this website and the service and is obliged to use the website for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the moral ethics. It is explicitly agreed that the users of the service are forbidden to use technical means to access the website’s database. For example, they are not allowed to use software for the automated data mining for personal or professional use.

2. It is explicitly forbidden to use the services offered by the website travelfind.gr to:

a. Mislead any third party about the identity of the member.


c. Prevent the access of any member or visitor to the website travelfind.gr

3. Except for specific third party rights (copyrights, etc.), all contents of the website travelfind.gr (for example: trademarks, distinctive marks, photos, texts and archives in general relating to MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO and the website travelfind.gr) constitute intellectual and industrial property of the MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO and are protected by the relevant provisions. This content may not be traded, copied, modified, reproduced, relayed, or transmitted or distributed in any way by any user.

4. The products or/and services of third parties, advertisers or members appearing on the website travelfind.gr are intellectual and industrial property of third parties.

5. In any case of unlawful or contrary to these Terms and Conditions of Use of the website travelfind.gr, all members and visitors are obliged to indemnify MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO for any positive and consequential loss. The non-practicing by MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO of the present Terms and Conditions of Use rights does not imply its resignation from its rights.

6. The use of the service implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use.


1. The company cannot guarantee that the service will always be available without interruptions and that it will operate without faults and disruptions. Interruptions may occur due to technical conditions something that the company cannot control, especially in case the Internet or the website is unavailable or in case the service is temporarily interrupted. The same also applies when maintenance or update works are being carried out. The user declares that he/she agrees with such works, which are usually carried out outside the usual working hours, if possible, and are announced reasonably on time together with their relevant adverse effects. Such temporary unavailability of the service is not a fault. The company is not responsible for any damage that the user may suffer due to the use or/and unavailability of the use of the service, the information on this website.

2. MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO makes reasonable efforts for the maintenance and availability of the website travelfind.gr. Members and visitors nevertheless accept that MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO is entitled to modify or/ and temporarily or permanently discontinue the whole or part of it with or/ and without notice, as availability may be affected by the equipment of all members or visitors of other communications networks, the large number of individuals try to make use of the website travelfind.gr at the same time or for other reasons. Therefore MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO accepts no responsibility for any kind of damage (positive, repayable, negligent, inconclusive or otherwise) arising from the use of the website travelfind.gr or the inability of all members and visitors to access it, delay, delivery, interruption or poor quality of service or loss of content. In any case, MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of all or part of the website travelfind.gr for maintenance or upgrading purposes or for any other reason.


1. MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO may maintain a record and process the personal data of members of the website travelfind.gr, which are communicated to MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO by their own.

2. The management, processing and protection of the personal data of MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO LP members who have their seat in Greece and Cyprus are subject to the terms of this article as well as to the relevant provisions on the one hand the Greek Law (L. 2472/1997 about the protection of individual’s personal data as interpreted by the Council of the Personal Data Protection Authority) and on the part of the Cyprus Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law 138/2001).

3. The users may contact the company at the numbers 2108848155, 2108253083, 2108840227 (FAX) or by sending an e-mail in the e-mail address [email protected]. With the contact methods that are mentioned above, the user may confirm his/her personal data that the company keeps in its computer systems and request from the company to correct, change or delete them. In case that the user wishes to be deleted from the company’s database, he/she has to send a signed request asking to be deleted from the company’s computer system at the e-mail address [email protected]. Otherwise, namely if the company has not received a signed request by the user asking to be deleted from the company’s computer system, the company reserves the right to keep the user’s personal information data in the context of the service and for sending promotional messages.

4. MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO undertakes not to sell or lease customer personal data to any third party. MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO may transfer the personal data of the website travelfind.gr customers on to third parties, legal or/and natural person only if:

a. It has the explicit consent of the members for the transmission of personal data. In this case MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO may use this information to send forms or other correspondence, press releases or other announcements electronically (via e-mail) to customers of the website travelfind.gr or/and to deliver products or awards, sms, mms, etc.

b. The transfer of personal data to legal or/and natural persons who cooperate with MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO becomes absolutely essential for the pricing of the services provided to members of the website travelfind.gr. The legal and natural persons who cooperate with MAC INFORMATION GROUP – MICHALIS MAKATOUNAKIS & CO have the right to process the personal data that members of the website travelfind.gr submit to it, to the extent that is strictly necessary in order to provide support to the website travelfind.gr.

5. In compliance with the relevant law provisions, it is required that the data be communicated to the competent judicial, police and administrative Authorities upon their legitimate request.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and any amendments thereto are governed by Greek Law. Any dispute arises in relation to this agreement will be settled before the Greek courts.